How to measure your anklet size?

Women’s  Standard Anklet Sizes

  • 21.5cm / 8.5 inches (petite)
  • 23cm / 9 inches / (small) – most popular
  • 24.15cm / 9.5 inches / (medium) – most popular
  • 25.5cm / 10 inches/ (large)

Anklets should hang just below your ankle bone.  To determine the size you need measure with a non-stretchy string or tape measure below your ankle bone.  If you held the measuring device snug, then add 7mm-14mm (1/4” – 1/2″), depending on how loose you want your anklet.  Therefore, if your ankle measures 21.6cm (8½”), you will want an anklet size 22cm-23cm (8¾” – 9″).  If you’re unsure about your result, you can use a flexible, non-stretchy string or cord on your ankle about where you want your anklet to lay.  Then mark or cut the cord exactly where it meets and measure the resulting length.